Personal depth.

A discussion inspired by The Daily Prompt from the Daily Post, Depth.

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Some time ago, and I can’t exactly remember who it was, but someone told me that they’d once been asked, during a job interview, to describe themselves using just one word. I’ve no idea what the outcome of said question was, nor whether they got the job they were interviewing for, but it did strike me as quite possibly the most difficult question to answer.

How do you choose just one word to describe yourself? I mean, which word would you choose? I suppose most people would say “Well that depends on the job you’re going for.” But then if you choose a word that is attached to a skill you need for work, then surely you’re de-valuing all of the other words you could use to describe yourself?

Look at it this way. There are an long list of words I could use to give myself a description.

Wife, Mother, Employee, Writer, Artist, Enthusiastic, Creative, Bonkers, Different….The list goes on. But how could I possibly choose just one that would encompass all of the other words I could use to describe myself? Surely, I have more depth to me than can be summed up in one word?

I could then, describe myself using the word Deep, which would give others the idea that there is a lot to my personality and capability than I can sum up in one word. Let’s face it though, to use that word makes me seem a bit self centred and pretentious. Neither of those are descriptions I want attached to myself, no-one does. It still leaves me with the dilemma though. How do I show my depth using one word?

It’s definitely a poser. And if I were to apply that to myself, right now, just in the short term, I think there would be one word that is just perfect for my personal description and that word would be…


Yeah, that’s definitely the right word for me, right now. Just for right now though, yeah?



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  1. MickETalbot says:

    I think you’ve hit the proverbial nail on the head, for, ‘Confused’, could be appropriate for all of humanity as things stand in the even more confused World of today. Myself, also confused! Many thanks for sharing your in DEPTH response to the Daily Prompt.

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