Lil’ Red.



I am one with my steed of steel, copper wiring and plastic.

Attuned to the revolutions of the mechanical heart that beats before me. We travel the carefully planned, speedily built, concrete ribbons that criss cross the country.

Never in a hurry, but never being slow to move on. We weave between others equally in harmony with their own mechanical beasts of burden.

Some with heavy loads and deadlines to meet. Some seemingly without purpose but with the desperate need for haste as they race us by.

But not for us, the fuel burning, rule breaking, hurry of those with less time to live. Instead, we embrace the joy of travel. The scenery around us unrolling. The dazzling sunset bathing all in its pink and peach glow.

We’ll make our destination in our own time, with hearts and wheels intact.


Just us and Lil’ Red.



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