Creative cravings.

Mental meanderings in response to The Daily Post’s daily prompt Craving.


I need to do something. I’m not sure exactly what but I really need to do something.

I’ve suffered from this feeling, this craving, if you like, since I was small, but I’ve still yet to work out what it really means. Sometimes it feels like it’s creative stuff, like sewing, knitting, painting, writing, and it bugs me to point of distraction. Other times I not sure.

Just lately it’s been writing though. It’s like I get this itch and I just can’t stop. That doesn’t explain why my novel is only a quarter written but in some ways it does. You see, while it’s there I can dip into it, like a chocoholic might dip nervously into a large cinema sized bag of cadbury’s buttons. Once it’s finished though I’ll need to start a new one. Again not a problem, but then it won’t be the same. My characters will have traveled miles by then and there won’t be that fresh flush of excitement that you get when meeting your own creations for the first time. But the way I’m feeling right now, the story is just gnawing away at my brain and the craving to write is getting stronger. In fact I’ve started to resent having to go to my day job when I’ve spent breakfast time my characters.

If I’m totally honest I think I may be addicted. Writing has become more of an addiction than a craving.

But I can give it up anytime I want.

I’m serious. Anytime I want, I  can just stop.



Trust me…..


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