Photo Challenge: Morning

IMG_1470via Photo Challenge: Morning

I love my morning view. Especially being as it usually comes with a very loving black moggy at my feet and my gorgeous husband by my side.

The first thing I see when I open my eyes is the scrap of sky and the tops of houses through the velux window in our roof.  Although, in truth this wonderful view is only available on sunny summer mornings, it is still the image I associate with the word morning.

From our bedroom in the sky, (or as it is more commonly known, the loft conversion) we are afforded a unique perspective of the start to any day. If it snows overnight we’re the first in the house to know. If it rains, it hammers on the glass, bringing back childhood memories of soggy summer holidays in a seaside caravan.

Sometimes hubby and I simply lay on our bed and point out the cool shapes of the clouds as the scud by.  It’s a view I’m forced to drag myself away from on the mornings I’m expected to go to work. But it’s a view that guarantees I begin every morning feeling content.


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  1. A photo challenge sounds really interesting

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s one of the many challenges The Daily Post puts up. I really like look at their blog each day to see what they’ve come up with next.


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