via Daily Prompt: Maybe

A dip into the afterlife of the characters from The Burn Out.


The murmur of the other diners droned on around her as she focused intently on the bubbles rising through the champagne in her glass. If she was honest with herself she’d seen this coming. Just not quite as soon as this.

It had been nearly year since they’d started seeing each other; if you could call it that. She had several pairs of shoes, a small bag of cosmetics and a toothbrush at his place. It was more than that and she knew it.

It wasn’t that she was averse to his proposal. It was just…. Well she didn’t what it was. She’d already got herself in deep the day she decided to pack up and leave, with him and his newly acquired dog, Ben. But even so this just seemed like such a big step.

The gift he’d given her when he’d asked the all important question – right before the champagne arrived – sat mocking her with it’s plush exterior. And what had she said in reply?


What a shitty thing to say.

He’d given up just as much as she had and that was her response, to what must have been a big decision on his part. Not that he seemed to be fazed by her answer. He was still grinning at her like an idiot from across the table. Like it was all just a big joke. But she knew he wasn’t kidding. Being the kind of people that they were, this sort of thing was a big deal.

She studied the fine lines and contours of his rugged and yet beautiful face, wishing she could see inside his head. She’d just practically turned him down and he looked like he’d just got lucky.

She flipped open the gift box again and fiddled with the contents. Feeling the cool metal and sharp edges of the key laying against the satin of the lining. Glancing up she could his grin had intensified.

” You didn’t say No.” He purred, before taking a deep draw of his own champagne.

He had her there. If she really didn’t want to do it, that would’ve been her immediate response. A small part of her was intrigued and wanted to find out what it would be like. A small part that was growing by the second.

One champagne filled later, her mouth made her decision for her.

” Okay.” She said, straightening up in her chair. ” I’m in.”

Jake rubbed his hands together and signalled for another bottle of champagne. They clinked refilled glasses over the gift box. A gift box containing a government printed key.

” That’s what I wanted hear.” Jake beamed.

” Yeah,” Gina smiled ” why the hell not?” She downed the rest of her glass and dipped under the table to retrieve a pen from her purse. Grabbing the nearest napkin she began to sketch out a plan.

She looked up, a twinkle in her eye.

“Let’s get to work.” She said ” Lets go rob The National Bank.”

” Yes!” Jake shouted, to the sudden applause from the other diners and waiting staff.

Gina snickered. If only they knew.




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