War Pants.


So, it’s been well over a week and I am just about getting to some semblance of normal. Ish.

There’s still some stuff to sort out and I’m gradually working on some stories. It’s slow going but I won’t keep you waiting forever. But today I need to get shit done and that calls for my war pants. Some people have lucky pants, I have war pants.

I’m always amazed at how wearing the right piece of clothing or the right lipstick can make a person feel unstoppable. I guess the idea is, if you feel confident in yourself then not much can stand in your way. That’s what my war pants are about.

I can be described as bolshy, forthright or even intimidating, on a normal day, but if you happen to catch me on a day when I’m wearing my war pants, then you’re in trouble.

The war pants only come out when I have absolutely nothing to lose, and a forthright person with nothing to lose is a dangerous thing. Once I’m confident that the world will not stop turning not matter how much shit you throw at me, you best be prepared to submit to my demands. My stubbornness knows no bounds. In fact I think it’s one of the reasons my Husband married me.

So, today I have meeting with someone that has warranted the war pants. This person doesn’t know it yet but I hold more cards than they think I do and I truly have nothing to lose. Nothing worth keeping that it is.

Let’s see how this goes. A tenner says I get what I want and I look good at the end of it.




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