Daily Prompt: Ovation

via Daily Prompt: Ovation


I love camping. Ever since my first outing as a Girl Guide I’ve loved making camp and spending the night outside. It’s not for everyone though and it has taken some time to convert my husband to this fantastic past time, but I think he’s coming to enjoy it as much as I do.

It had been years since I’d camped when our son asked for a trip for his birthday instead of a party. The site we chose for his birthday was set in a wood and we had to cook all of our meals on a campfire. I think this is what helped Hubby become more interested in camping, he hadn’t had any pleasant camping memories before this so he really wasn’t keen. Hubby does love a good roaring fire though and as far as I’m concerned camping without a real fire is a bit pointless.

Since that trip we’ve discovered an even better place to camp. Don’t get me wrong the wood in Devon was great but it was next to a main road so it didn’t feel very secluded. Our new place on the other hand is perfect; Little Roper’s Farm.

Now you wouldn’t think that staying on a working farm would be that peaceful, but the way the camping woodland has been positioned and maintained it gives you the best of the countryside. The Mead family who own it have gone out of their way to provide everything you might need while still sticking to the wild camping vibe and we love it. We love it so much that we camped there just before Christmas ( nuts I know but it was brilliant.). We’re not the only ones who love it that much either, they had three more Christmas bookings while we were there.

It’s hard to pin down exactly what it is that makes Little Roper’s so great, I know I love it for many different reasons. Most of all the sunrise, as it colours the fields behind our tent pink. And the finches and wrens that hop around in the trees above while you’re eating your breakfast. I always feel as though it deserves a round of applause, I never actually do this though, on account of it looking like I’m slightly mental. I did watch all this while still in my pyjamas I might add, on a frosty morning in December, eating a chocolate orange, so maybe a little bit more mental would’ve gone unnoticed.


I think the best way to show my appreciation though is to book another trip. The only way I can carry on enjoying this wonderful place is to help support it, to keep it going. That’s the best kind of ovation I can give. Although I may give it a standing ovation next time I visit, I don’t think hubby will mind. I’m sure he married me for my nuttiness.




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