You can choose your friends.

As the saying goes, ‘You can choose your friends but you can’t choose your enemies’. Or your family, unfortunately. But you can choose your pets, or at least that’s what we’re fooled into thinking. Just how true is that though? 

Take our last pet acquisition, Hazel – the furry friend who’s picture is at the top of this post- we had, up until we met her, chosen another kitten but were sadly let down when the owner decided not to part with her. We’d waited months for this kitten so we were really upset when we realised she wasn’t going to be joining the family and so we gave up on looking for another one. Cue less than a week later and a quick picture message from a friend who’d had a kitten ‘gifted’, and by ‘gifted’ I mean dumped on her, by a passing stranger outside the animal shelter where she works. As she already has two cats and various other animals she asked if we wanted to come and look at the little ball of black fur.

At the time I wasn’t sure if the little orphan would take to us as she’d already had one home and the idea of nursing a traumatised kitten wasn’t high on my list of things to do. However, when we arrived at said friends house the tiny, shiny furred, bat earred bundle acted as though she’d been waiting for us. She trotted out of her hiding place and couldn’t wait to be put in the cat carrier. Apparently she’d made her choice and there was nothing we could do about it. She was so laid back about the whole thing and when we got her home she was scampering around the place like she’d lived there her whole life!

I know cats can be fickle creatures but I genuinely believed that you had a choice when it came to the one you wanted in your life. Turns out this little beauty proved me wrong. You can choose your friends but apparently you have very little say about your choice of furry friend.


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