The bubble.

The bubble is said to be the most aerodynamic and energy efficient shape for travelling through the air. 

In that vein then, the human body must be the most energy efficient shape for travelling through the human world.

It’s a shame the same can’t be said for the human psyche. 

There are so many people battling through intense emotional and psychological worlds and struggling, that you have question the ‘shape’ of the human psyche. It seems neither energy efficient nor aerodynamic and not even the most educated scientist can figure out how to bring about a permanent change that would improve this state.

For the sake of those we love something has to change. Our closest friends and dearest family are being let down by a culture of misunderstanding and intolerance towards those with complex mental health conditions. 

Not everyone is an energy efficient, aerodynamic ‘bubble’ nor are they just being ‘difficult’ or ‘aggressive’. They’re being isolated and neglected by the communities that they live in.

We need to make a change. We need to put ourselves in their place and campaign for better, more efficient and more aerodynamic services from those we’ve placed in charge.

Or failing that, a small donation of money, unwanted items or time,  to one of the few mental health charities near to your home town. We need to let others know that we care. 

It’s important.

Things need to change and only we can change them.


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