A place for the curious.

I’ve been coming to London for my university tutorials for a little while now. They’re hosted by the London School of Economics as I’m studying with The Open University. It’s a big school really and the campus is well set out. There’s second hand book shops and the student union right in the centre of the LSE buildings, it feels a bit like going up to big school after the small venues I visited as an undergraduate with the O.U. But the overwhelming size of the campus is a bit daunting and you tend to miss things while you’re busy studying a map with thick pen lines on it; drawn by the rather helpful reception staff.

Imagine my surprise then when dragging hubby a long to twiddle his thumbs while I was expanding my mind, he pointed out the building in the picture above, tucked away in the middle of the overwhelming LSE buildings. A tiny piece of literature come to life! Quite apt really being as my current mind expansion involves a literature Masters degree. Not that I actually finished reading Dickens’ old curiosity shop, unfortunately I find or dear Charlie akin to mentally chewing toffee, but still, it was nice to see something only once imagined, in the flesh so to speak. 


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