Something’s got to give.

How many times can we say yes before it all gets too much? 

We often get hung up on the idea of something and even when it’s killing us we still refuse to let go. Sometimes we really need to read the signs and release the death clutch we have on whatever it is that’s making our lives just that little bit harder. The application form that refuses to load so you can complete it, the car that’s costing you money but isn’t going to sell for a reasonable price, hoards of stuff you’ve saved to sell on eBay that’s now causing a trip hazard because you’re too tired after work to list it. Sometimes you just have to let it go and move on. Delete the application, scrap the car (or give it away), and donate the stuff to charity. Life is hard enough, why put pressure on yourself to try and do more than you can? 

Something has to give, don’t let that something be you.


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