Personal theme music.

In response to the Daily Post’s Daily prompt: Fast Forward.


For various reasons, I tend to live my life on fast forward and by the time I’d reached my fortieth birthday I’d probably done more than most people my age. Even on a daily basis I fly from one thing to another and those around me are constantly nagging at me to take a breath.

It’s difficult though. Slowing down is just not natural to me. I have two symbiotic health conditions that mean, eventually, I’ll be forced to stop, so packing in as much as I can before that time has become a constant state of being. As I’ve just mentioned, those closest to me have a front row seat to my speed of living and it has become something of an amusement, but until a couple of years ago I was oblivious to the in-joke among my family. That was until my parents bought themselves new phones and decided that dedicated ring tones would be an excellent way to let them know who was calling them. Most of the personal theme tunes they chose were pretty cool and as I was never actually there when I called them I was blissfully unaware of the tune they’d chosen for me. My mum however, decided that it would be such a shame if I didn’t know the music they’d chosen to describe me, so she played it for me.

The flight of the bumblebee.

I’ll be honest I was a bit annoyed. Yeah, okay I have a tendency to race from one thing to another, but really? Could they not have chosen something cool? Surely there was something more modern that would fit? But no, it stuck. And even now I have occasional internal bursts of this delightful tune whizzing round my head, while I race from one to another.

It’s not funny. Really, it’s not the theme music I would’ve chosen. I don’t know what I have would picked, but it would not have been that.

Seriously, let it go.


Buzzzz, buzzzzzz,buzzzzzz…….


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