Something to celebrate.

For the love of my life on his birthday.

I know it doesn’t seem a big deal to you, the day that you were born, but it’s important to me that you’re here.

The world didn’t fit me like it fit everyone around me, when I was growing up. I was odd, out of place, tutted at, sighed at and out of pace with everyone.

I tried to fit in, I really did, but it was hard. Nobody understood me.

Then we met and it was like the world bent itself around me. I had a place in it, I finally fit. It was just how you like to jokingly describe it. They made you and when they shipped you out into the world they realised that you were part of a set. You weren’t supposed to be ‘sold separately ‘. We’re a twin pack, you and me. So, although your birthday may not seem like a big deal to you, it’s a big deal to me. Because without you the world would be missing a vital piece. My world would be missing you, my love, my best friend, the only one who laughs at my crap jokes and embraces my insanity.

Happy Birthday Jay.

The day you were born is the most important date in my calendar and every year I am thankful for it.


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