Mad cat problems.

How can you tell if your cat is out to get you?  Sometimes it can be hard to tell. At least I think so. But there are definitely times when my adorable little fuzz ball seems intent on killing me.

Sitting behind me while I put something in the oven, which leads to me tripping over her, or knocking my glass of water all over my laptop while I’m typing. Both of these things give me the idea that she doesn’t like me much, but then she rubs against my legs and hops on to my knee and shows me some affection. I’m so confused.

She’s definitely planning something when she looks at me and pretends to be cute. Maybe she’s just keeping me on my toes or perhaps her small efforts are part of some scheme to gradually annoy me to death, I’m not quite sure.

You can never quite tell where you are with her. Especially when she gives you the “who me?” look.

I don’t think she realises I’m on to her though and I will get my revenge. Just as soon as I’m sure she’s definitely trying to kill me.



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