Weird food.

What is it with teenagers and mad food combinations? 

Just this week I had to break up an ongoing argument between two of my students about whether putting a Yorkshire pudding on a pancake and covered with sweet chilli sauce was acceptable – yack! 

And then there’s their endless obsession with condiments. Sweet chilli sauce on Nutella sandwiches, mayonnaise on everything and ketchup on bolognese – what?!!

Cheese wrapped around fruit cake and marmite and peanut butter sandwiches. Don’t even get me started on banana toasted sandwiches – I may vomit.

When I was a teenager if you declared your love of marmite you were either cheered or declared a weirdo, but you ate your marmite as was intended, on toast!

I can’t keep up with the weird items of sustenance kids eat these days and I wholeheartedly encourage them to experiment as much as they can. They have more opportunity than I did, although they don’t get the bright colours in their food like I did . You’ve not seen anything until you’ve seen a friend who’s allergic to E numbers bouncing off the walls! So yes, eat your weird food combos and enjoy it. Just do it over there where I can’t see you, I’d really like to hold onto the contents of my stomach, thank you.


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