Come see our place.

I was fortunate enough to teach a short session on diversity yesterday to a group of year 8 children.

I asked them to imagine that they were inviting someone from another country to come and stay with them, and they needed to choose three positive things that might persuade them to stay here.

The first thing we talked about was food. In Britain we’re so fortunate that we only have to wander down the road and we can choose dishes from anywhere around the world. The overall consensus was that they would try entice their visitor to try new things but inevitably they would end up eating fish and chips.

Some of the kids said that they would tell their would be visitor about how good our city’s Universities are, just in case they decided they wanted to increase their knowledge while they were here. They would also make sure that they took them on a tour of our green spaces; Bradgate Park being the top of their list.

But, most importantly, they would make sure that they stressed how important it is to bring an umbrella, because “Miss it never stops raining here, does it?”

So, there you have it. If you want to take a trip to our diverse country, study for a degree eat fish and chips, and visit our historical green spaces, don’t forget your umbrella because while you’re doing those wonderful things, you’re guaranteed to get wet. At least according to year 8 you are.

Bless ’em.


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