Happy Easter.

Hoppy bunnies, chocolate eggs and baby lambs.

We don’t really celebrate Easter as such in our house. Although, if I don’t give my boys at least one chocolate egg, then I’m the worst parent ever. We do celebrate the beginning of the new season though and as Easter was close to my birthday this year, Hubby and I visited our favourite woodland camping spot; Little Roper’s Farm in Suffolk.

The blue bells are just starting to come out and they make a colourful carpet in the woodland. There are plenty of calves and lambs in the fields and everywhere looks so green. These images bring about thoughts of our own little green haven at home and during this Easter holiday we will definitely be making a start on our  fruit and vegetable patches.

For today though, I’m busy playing with my new birthday present. Hubby gave me a brand new computerised sewing machine and I’m dying to get my hands on it, while at the same time I’m a bit scared of it. It’s the computerised part that worries me a little. But hey what could possibly go wrong? Nothing, that several pieces of chocolate couldn’t cure, I’m sure. 🙂



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