The world to me.

A poem dedicated to my wonderful husband.

It’s hard to make you understand the effect you’ve had on my existence,

My life has forever been one long road of perpetual persistence.

Always being second best, often overlooked and neglected,

Never really fitting in, out of step and rejected.

Even when we were young you always made me feel accepted.

You gave me a small space to be me, totally uninterrupted.

I didn’t realise then how important you’d be, 

The friend who gave me a place in the world, that became the world to me.

The one safe place I know that I have that means everything you see.

I never thought I’d be important to anyone, 

That someone would want to really be,

The very thing I live for,

But you’re the very world to me.


Social Oppression.

I’ m trapped in a stream of social media conscience,

Unable to voice how I feel.

Where freedom of speech is banner that’s used to smother opinions that are real.

Where minorities are now majorities,

And we’re all indignant on someone’s behalf,

Where we’re encouraged to be unique and wonderful,

Just not in someone else’s back yard.

Where we’re told we can speak as we find,

Just as long as we all stay in line,

Where we’re branded as fascists and racists jus for being concerned for mankind.

The irony of this situation is a generation that helped create this fix,

As the ones that are applying these restrictions are the oppressed generation’s own kids.

Super fruit.

What makes some fruit better than others?

Surely, they’re all special in their way.

Why are some labelled ‘super’ fruit and others just ‘every day’?

With different colours, flavours, qualities, each one has something to offer,

they’re as valuable as each other.

Surely, all fruit can be labelled ‘Super’ for the amazing things they can do,

They brighten up breakfasts like no other food,

and they’re definitely good for you.

Extraordinary Blooms.

Exotic flowers are pampered,

Kept warm, nurtured and lovingly tended.

Not unusual are these blossoms, easily found, easily seen.

Truly extraordinary blooms are those that appear in run down places,

On stony ground, with poor light and little care.

Delicate plants filled with resilience, stretching for the light,

Rebounding leaves that lift after being crushed by careless feet,

Stems that can withstand even the harshest of winds.

Blossoms that open at any given chance, allowing heavenly scents to colour the air.

Exotic blooms offer unusual aesthetics, beautiful as they may be,

But truly extraordinary flowers colour places where exotic blooms would wither and die.

Extraordinary flowers take root and brighten places that no other life could ever survive.

Secret escape.

Tall grasses, wild flowers and brightly coloured dragon flies,

Hidden paths, short wooden bridges and sheltered shore lines.

The river kisses the ground at  it’s edges, small fish darting under clear water.

The sound of traffic close by, but roads all obscured.

An oasis in a concrete desert, a haven in the dreary urban mess.

An escape from the claustrophobia of city life, a break, an interlude, a rest.

Snail’s pace.

Whenever you need to be somewhere fast the universe gets in the way.

The harder you push to increase your speed, the world puts things in your way.

It bends time to make it slower, the green lights all turn to red.

Frustration builds, you try to push harder, it’s give you a pain in your head.

It happens so often that you have ask yourself,  ‘Am I being told something here?’

Is the world trying to stop me from making a mistake or pulling me somewhere else instead?

Take a breath, take a break, go with it. Stop fighting the world and its plan.

Slow down long enough to see what happens, let life take you by the hand.

The family we choose.

The family we choose are more precious than the ones we’re thrust upon.

The family we choose are drawn to us,  called to us by forces unseen but felt deeply.

The family we choose love us for who we are, for how we show ourselves, the mistakes we make and successes we celebrate.

For those of us shut out of the family we were born into, the family we choose is more valuable, more influential and more important than anyone else can fully understand.

They family we choose give us a place in the world when the world rejects us.

The family we choose is truly our family, for better or worse, because they want to be, not because they have to be.

Colours of night.

Colours of night at the end of the day, 

From palest white to bluest grey.

Colours of night, spreading to cover us all,

Making way for the stars when the darkness will fall,

Colours of night from an artists brush,

From gentle brush strokes in the dawning hush.

Colours of night putting an end to the day,

Like the curtain call at the end of a play.

Happy Easter.

Hoppy bunnies, chocolate eggs and baby lambs.

We don’t really celebrate Easter as such in our house. Although, if I don’t give my boys at least one chocolate egg, then I’m the worst parent ever. We do celebrate the beginning of the new season though and as Easter was close to my birthday this year, Hubby and I visited our favourite woodland camping spot; Little Roper’s Farm in Suffolk.

The blue bells are just starting to come out and they make a colourful carpet in the woodland. There are plenty of calves and lambs in the fields and everywhere looks so green. These images bring about thoughts of our own little green haven at home and during this Easter holiday we will definitely be making a start on our  fruit and vegetable patches.

For today though, I’m busy playing with my new birthday present. Hubby gave me a brand new computerised sewing machine and I’m dying to get my hands on it, while at the same time I’m a bit scared of it. It’s the computerised part that worries me a little. But hey what could possibly go wrong? Nothing, that several pieces of chocolate couldn’t cure, I’m sure. 🙂


Stop the world, I wanna get off!

merry go round

Stop the world I wanna get off,

This twirling is making me ill.

Stop the world I wanna get off,

I just want a moment to be still.

I didn’t sign up for this spinning around,

I think I’m going to be sick.

It was going okay when we first started moving,

but maybe I’m just being thick.

I didn’t expect it to go so fast,

I’m not sure I understood this ride,

I wasn’t sure how long it would truly last,

I feel like somebody lied.

‘Come to the fair’ they said,

‘Come join in the fun’

Now I look around myself I can see I’m not the only one.

Lots of people of looking green, like they’re all going to be sick,

It seems I’m not the only one to fall for life’s cruel trick.